BBQ & Pool Party (20 Guests or Less)

BBQ & Pool Party

Our most common request is from guests who would like to have a celebration/party at Baan Laksee.

A Maximum of 4 Adult Male Guests + 4 Adult Female Guests can stay at the villa overnight.

If you have additional guests that need somewhere to sleep. We have 3 other villas that you can book, and a local Hotel where we can arrange for as many rooms as required.

Our Policy is for Maximum Occupancy 8 + 12 visitors.

You must organize your own party, food, music, ice, drinks, cleaning etc…

All extra Guests must leave the villa by Midnight.

Times: 15:00 (3pm) Start – 23;30 (11;30pm) Finish

15,000 Baht

If you are a group of Guests staying at any of our villa’s, and the maximum number of guests is 8 or less. We have a Mini-BBQ Package especially for you.


Book with our Customer Service Staff (Subject to Availability).