Thai Cookery Class

Our cookery class is only available for Guests staying at Villa 1

Your cooking class will enable you to cook a number of Thai Dishes. First you will be taking a trip to the local market to learn what to buy for your ingredients. You will then learn how to prepare and cook the ingredients and what dishes go well together. We can adjust the course to suit your taste and when you get home you will amaze your friends and family with your new skill. Thai food does not have to be spicy although many dishes have a kick to them we can adjust the ingredients to suit your palette. Selections of the dishes you will learn to cook are listed below but changes can be made.

If you would like to learn how to prepare and cook some Thai Dishes to amaze your friends when you get back to your home country we have a 2 day course for a maximum of 3 guests (10.00 – 14.00)

The total cost of the course is 12,000 Baht including a trip to the market and all the ingredients.

You also get to eat all the food you prepare for Dinner each night.
We cater to your taste on how spicy you like your food and give you a printed list of ingredients and the recipe so that you don’t forget how to prepare a delicious Thai meal when you go home.

If there is a particular dish you would like to cook please let us know and we will adjust the course to suit.

We can also arrange a 3 day Fruit & Vegetable Carving Course at the Villa.
Total cost 12,000 Baht (Maximum 3 persons)

Please ask our staff or complete the form and leave it for the maid if you would like to book a course.

Thai Cookery Class Menu

Spring Rolls with Sweet Chilli Sauce

Thai Fishcakes with Spicy Chilli Sauce

Pork Omelet with Spicy Sauce

Spare Ribs

Tom Yam Soup with Chicken or Shrimp

Tom Ka Soup with Chicken & Coconut milk

Thai Green Curry with Chicken or Pork

Thai Red Curry with Chicken / Beef or Pork

Massaman Curry with Chicken or Beef

Fried Rice with Shrimps / Chicken or Pork

Steamed Jasmine Rice

Thai Desserts